Would you know what to do if your dog was choking?

dog chokingPreventable accidents, such as choking, are the leading cause of death and disability for pets.  While these occurrences occur more for senior pets, no animal is immune.  Would you know what to do?  Knowing the skills and techniques for pet first aid and CPR can be the difference between temporary and permanent disability; between expensive veterinary bills and reasonable home care; between rapid recovery and a long recuperation for your pet.

Want to learn more?  Pet Tech Productions Inc. is the premiere pet care and CPR training program worldwide and is recommended for the majority of professional organizations and groups.

Pet_Tech_Logo_2010_smClasses are now forming in Tallahassee, FL, serving the North Florida, Eastern Alabama, and South Georgia areas.

Go to http://www.pettech.net and search for classes in Tallahassee FL, or contact Certified Pet Tech Instructor Virginia McMullen, P.T.I.#1928 at 850-629-8390 for more information and to sign up for a class!

 Excerpts taken from Pet Tech PetSaver handbook for the formulation of this post.

About Creation's Care Pet Sitting

Having an undying love for animals of all shapes and sizes, it is no wonder that Virginia jumped at the opportunity to share her passion for animals with other animal lovers through Creation's Care Pet Sitting. Affectionately known as "Aunt V" by all her four legged furry friends, Virginia spent five years in the equine industry, serving as a therapeutic horseback riding instructor for individuals with disabilities before beginning her pet sitting career. Virginia is an active volunteer with the Companion Animal Rescue Endeavor (C.A.R.E.) in Tallahassee and supporter of the ASPCA.
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